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Clean air operating suites

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Modern OR techniques

for all joint surgeries

Top notch hospitality

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Private office space

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Excellent nursing care

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Personal commitment

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Common Queries

  1. What types of hip replacement do you perform?

    I perform the entire range of hip replacements from primary to revision. I am experienced with dealing with metal on poly to ceramic on ceramic bearings. Most of them are of the uncemented variety. When appropriate I do cemented hips as well.

  2. Won't ceramic hips break easily?

    Though the ceramic joints are similar to the ceramic cups from which you drink tea or coffee, they are of medical grade quality. The medical grade ceramics are not brittle and do not break easily. They can easily withstand forces of impact. This means that even after a ceramic hip you will be able to run, jump and participate in leisure sports.

  3. Am I a suitable candidate for a ceramic hip?

    Ceramic hips are suitable for most patients. The condition that affects your hip can influence this choice, especially if the bones that make up the joint are grossly disturbed or soft due to inflammation. To know if you are the right candidate write to me at bdbaruah@orthodoc.in

  4. Where will the surgery be done?

    I perform my surgeries at Apollo Speciality Hospital (Chennai) You can find more details in the contact page. Alternatively you can also book an appointment at Apollo edoc or at Practo. The Apollo group heads a leading chain of private hospitals in India with a strong international presence. You can read more about Apollo Group by vising their website.

  5. How long do I have to stay in the hospital?

    You have to stay in the hospital for 7 days. During this time you will be attended upon by physios to help you get on your feet. As soon as you are able to move around independently, which is sooner than you think, you can return home.

  6. I stay far away from Chennai? How can I reach you after the surgery?

    This is not a problem in the days of the internet. Most of my patients stay in touch with me over email, sms and  whatsapp. You can call me directly on the phone in case of an emergency. All the details are available in the Contact page. My secretary (Apollo Speciality Hospital) is also available on +91 44 3315 1273.